Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekly Bike Diary Entry

I did the 58km ride in to the office last Friday the 8th, this Monday the 10th, and today, the 12th.  That's five times for the year already, 10% towards my goal of 50 times in the year.  I also did the bike/BART miles on Thursday and Tuesday.  The highlight, though, was last Sunday the 9th.  I followed the route of a permanent I found on the San Francisco Randonneurs website, and ended up doing 135km which topped off a 320km week.  Maybe just as important, I got some good practice following a cue sheet, stopping at controls, logging my times, etc.  Doing that gives me substantially more confidence that I can do the 200k on the 22nd.  Total km for the year works out to 465km.  Very good for as cold as it has been.  320km a week is a 10,000 mile year, which I've never ever even sniffed before.  This can't keep up when things get busy, but it's a solid start for sure.  I feel great.

This Sunday, I am going to do another Permanent and actually shoot for getting credit for it.  What you do is

 1.  Decide which one you want to do.  Pick your date and start time.
 2.  Sign up and pay the owner of the permanent.  The route owner sends you a brevet card and a route sheet
 3.  You do the ride, stopping at the stops instructed, which usually means getting a receipt at a store
 4.  After the ride, send in your card and receipts to the route owner, and they get it authenticated with RUSA

It's pretty easy.  This will be my first one.  It's gotten me thinking about two RUSA awards that I could use as goals.  There's the R12, where you do at least one brevet a month for 12 consecutive months.  A brevet by definition is at least 200k.  Then there's the P12, where you do at least one populaire for 12 consecutive months.  A populaire is by definition between 100 and 199k.  I might end up shooting for both. 

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