Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Bike Diary entry #1 and the first objective

I did the long commute into the office today to start off my 2011 workyear.  58km. 
The ride that I am preparing for is on Jan 22nd.  It's a 200k (125miles).  My plan is to ride in to the office 3 times this week and do a 100k on Sunday the 9th of January.   Next week I'll ride in 3 times and on Friday the 14th I'll ride both ways (116k).  Monday the 17th I'll do a 150k.  2 more rides into work the week of the 18th through 21st and I hope to be ready for the 200k.  Rain or shine.

I got a new rain jacket and gloves and tried those out this morning.  I need to do some work on my lighting situation.  

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