Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bike Diary December

I've been off the blog for months now.  The remainder of 2011 has been shaping up according to plan.  I did 200k brevets in July, August, September, October and November.  I've ridden into the office several more times, but I've lost count how many.  Maybe 10?  Anyway, I wont be making it to 50.

Last weekend I did a 100k permanent (the East Bay Sampler).  Total time start to finish was 5 hours to the minute, including controls (and stop lights).  I started 29 minutes late and waited for several minutes for my last receipt so my recorded time was 5:32, still a personal best for a 100k.  That brings me to 2831k of official approved RUSA distance.  I'm signed up for a 200k permanent in Corona on December 27th to round out my R12, and to get to 3000k for the year.  That will conclude my 2011 season.

2012 is a lot more ambitious.  For starters, I plan on doing a full SR series by May12.  200k in January.  200k in February.  300k in March.  400k in April and 600k in May.  There are numerous 200s and 300s on the SFR calendar, and a mixed terrain 400k.  That means I only (only!) need to find another 600k to be a double SR in 2012.  There's a 600k in Iowa in June, and a 600k in Oregon in September (the Big Lebowski)  , and a Santa Cruz 600 the following weekend.  If I do all the planned events, that could total up to 6000k of brevets.

My training approach in 2012 will have a couple changes.  I intend to focus predominantly on climbing "quality miles".  The ride up to my house from Del Norte BART counts as 400ft vertical (500ft if I go to the top).  The ride to the office is 2500ft.  The East Bay Sampler is 4000ft.  The brevet schedule itself includes a lot of climbing.  It's not out of the question to shoot for 500,000ft of vertical in 2012.