Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bike Diary 1-19-2011 and First Permanent Completed

On Sunday the 16th I did the Contra Alameda Permanent Populaire. 

Contra Alameda -- The name of the route
Permanent -- a ride you can do anytime, you just contact the owner of the route and they'll set you up
Populaire -- any RUSA sanctioned ride between 100 and 199km in length

It's a 110km loop through Lafayette, Castro Valley, down to Sunol, up through Danville, and back to Lafayette.  I filled out my little brevet card fastidiously, hit all the controls on-time and now have it in the mail for certification. 

I did the ride in to work today, the 6th time of the year.  Total mileage for the year is now at 653km.  I made a couple of personal bests in speed today.  Average riding speed was 24.3kph.  Total time to the door was 2 hours 21 minutes.  My next speed target is to get to the Piedmont Pines sign in under 1 hour. 

I received my cue sheet and info package for the Point Reyes Lighthouse 200k event this Saturday.  The weather forecast looks perfect.  Sunny and in the mid to high 50s.  I couldn't ask for anything better for a January brevet. 

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