Monday, March 7, 2011

Bike Diary 3-7-2011

On Friday the 4th I did the ride in to the office, which makes the 9th time.  41 to go.  I intend to ride in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in crash-course preparation for the Moss Beach 200k this Saturday with the Santa Cruz Randonneurs.  On Sunday I also did a ride in steady rain.  I'll call it a 60k ride.  That brings the annual total to 1415km.  Clearly the 5000km annual goal will get obliterated easily if I do both the 50 rides to work (~3000k) and the 12 brevets (2400k) and the 12 populairs (>1200k).  It seems that 5000 miles or 10,000k are better stretch goals, but first things first I suppose. 

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