Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bike Diary 3-22-2011

I rode in to work for the 12th time of the year.  This time I was on the A. Homer Hilsen with fenders and Grand Bois Hetre tires.  There has been some speculation on the Rivendell board that this combo might not work.  I have photo documentation that it does:


1802km is the total for the year so far.

I'm now strongly considering the Santa Cruz 300k event in April.  300k is 185 miles (or so).  That would be the longest ride of my life.  I'm leaning towards doing this 300k because there are no organized 200k events anywhere close to me in the month of April.  So, in order to keep my R12 going, I need to either do a organized 300 or do a solo Permanent 200.  The benefits of being together with a group of cyclists, along with the challenge of doing a 300 has me leaning that way.  If the weather forecast is decent, I'll go ahead and register for it.

On a related note, I'm thinking about what mileage award(s) I might be eligible for this year.  If I do my R12 and P12, that's 3600k minimum.  If I do 2 300k events in lieu of 200's for the R12, that gets me up to 3800k.  Just one or two more populaires and I could be eligible for a 4000k mileage award.  5000 is probably out of my reach. 

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